Friday, June 11, 2010

Photography Tips- Photoshop Actions

Ok so I’m taking a little detour, but I really enjoy this tool in Photoshop. The Actions tool in photoshop can be found at the top by going to Window-> Actions. An Action is a set of processes you want applied to a photograph. So let’s say you opened up a photo in photoshop you went through nearly 100 steps to edit it, and you want to apply all those steps to your next 50 photographs.

A great place to learn about creating your own actions is:

There are millions of saved actions available for download on the internet. A lot of popular ones give your photos that vintage, edgy feel. If you’re curious about browsing a few of these, and are a good places to start.


  1. Anonymous11.6.10

    Does anyone know how to load Photoshop actions?

  2. It's actually on both of those websites above- the will be a page on "how to download and use." :-)

  3. Anonymous11.6.10

    Ok, thanks! Great blog

  4. Likewise, in case you need it out to darken all the way, the background can be turned to night just by changing the focus of the subject to expose on your camera settings. There you go, Night in the middle of broad daylight.

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