Friday, June 11, 2010

Photography Tips- Lensbaby Composer

Lensbaby The Composer for Canon EF mount Digital SLR Cameras
I love the Lensbaby. Lensbaby is a lens that creates a tilt/shift effect (something similar to what you would get with a view camera), so it essentially has a sweet spot of sharp focus and it blurs the edges. You can move the Lensbaby’s sharp area around, and it creates a very romantic feel. It also comes with Lensbaby accessories that mimic a pinhole camera and a zoneplate. It’s just all around fun!

Here’s one Lensbaby photo I took:


  1. Anonymous11.6.10

    I may have to get me one of those! haha

  2. Anonymous11.6.10

    ooooh! nice photo :-D

  3. Anonymous11.6.10

    Do you have a twitter?

  4. Anonymous11.6.10

    What program did you use to edit that photo? or was it film?

  5. Anonymous11.6.10

    it looks digital, probably photoshop or lightroom

  6. Anonymous11.6.10

    great blog!

  7. Trust me the kid will just fail to look away. He has all his attention drawn on the PEZ dispenser put up on the camera's hot shoe.Get some candies too. Incredible genius is what accomplishes will call you later.